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Facebook App Id Namespace

Facebook App Id Namespace


Facebook App Id Namespace

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5a02188284 Although you wont be writing code in these steps, you can use a simple utility project to verify that you performed them correctly. 4 (28) . After you register as a Facebook developer, you can register a new application. You are asked to supply an App Namespace, which is optional. You havent created any applications yet, so the list is empty. Once youve satisfied the verification process, your application is created. From the application settings page, you can configure various details about your application. See Also The following guides may also be helpful: Accessing Facebook Data Registering an Application with Twitter Want to write a new guide or contribute to an existing one? Check out our contribution guidelines. Optionally, you can have Facebook automatically arrange hosting for your application at Heroku. Help Center Privacy Policy Terms of Use Theme by Lotus Themes . Clone the utility project from GitHub: $ git clone To run the utility, simply run it from the command line using Gradle like this: ./gradlew clean build && java -jar build/libs/gs-register-facebook-app-0.1.0.jar Or if you are using Maven, run it like this: mvn package && java -jar target/gs-register-facebook-app-0.1.0.jar You can alternatively run the app directly from Gradle like this: ./gradlew bootRun With mvn, you can run mvn spring-boot:run. Copy and pa


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